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NextGenLog: 2017-2018
Imec Aims 2-D FETs at Sub-5-nm Node | EE Times
TI Claims to Obsolete FPGAs for Embedded Apps | EE Times
NIST Backs Quantum-level Temperature Measurement | EE Times
ReRAM Goes 3D | EE Times
'E-Brain' to Pilot Air Force Jets | EE Times
Intel Banks on Artificial Intelligence | EE Times
Cray Moves to Lasso 'Big Data Deluge' | EE Times
Germanium Displacing GaAs for RF Transistors | EE Times
'Supercomputer-as-a-Service' Model is Born | EE Times
IBM Optics Go CMOS | EE Times
Researchers Print Stretchable Battery to Light Wearables | EE Times
GaAs Nanowires Boost Solar | EE Times
Is Elon Musk's Brain Cap Viable? | EE Times
Cray Rolls Clustered Supercomputers for AI | EE Times
Quantum Molecules Compute | EE Times
Coventor Touts Unified MEMS Platform | EE Times
3-D Graphene Boosts Electronics | EE Times
Researchers Create Artificial Synapse For Electronic Brains | EE Times
Intel Re-defines Xeons | EE Times
DoE Claims 1nm Fab Record | EE Times
Single-Pixel Camera Mimics Human Eye | EE Times
New Method Cuts Cost of GaAs Circuits | EE Times
Smart Semi Fiber Does It All | EE Times
Star Trek Tricorder Arrives | EE Times
Quantum Photons Emitted | EE Times
Researchers Developing Touch Sensitivity for Your Levi's | EE Times
IBM Bests Insulators | EE Times
ISPD Predicts Chip Futures | EE Times
Intel Shows Life Beyond CMOS | EE Times
TSMC Joins Chip Research Consortium | EE Times
3-D Interactive Projection Redefines MEMS | EE Times
Peer-to-peer IBM App Bypasses Carriers | EE Times
Atomic-scale Electronics Probed | EE Times
Hydrogen Fuel Cells: DOE Finds Faster, Cheaper Catalyst | EE Times
Samsung Beats Apple to Punch with MEMS Antenna Tuning Array | EE Times
Space X: L.A. to S.F. in 35 Minutes | EE Times
Bosch Dev Kit to Ease IoT | EE Times
Quantum Computing on Cusp | EE Times
Smartphone Senses Anything | EE Times
Nanotube Contacts Perfected | EE Times
Thinnest Nanowire Self-assembles | EE Times
China Returns Navy Sea Drone | EE Times
DARPA Funds Small Businesses with Big Ideas | EE Times
Software Finds Research for You | EE Times
Biometrics Won't Kill Passwords | EE Times
Cray Sets Deep Learning Milestone | EE Times
Biometrics Ensure Security | EE Times
1st Qubits on 300mm CMOS | EE Times
Watson IDs Heart Disease | EE Times
1st Photonic Circuits Here | EE Times
Photonics 3-D Modeler Born | EE Times
Smartphone-Bound VR/AR to Be Boosted by Lasers | EE Times
3D Printed Buses Here | EE Times
AT&T: SIMs are Key to IoT Future | EE Times
Coating Stops Exploding Batteries | EE Times
IEEE Sensor 2016 Exhibits MEMS | EE Times
DARPA's N-Zero Sensors Use 0 Power | EE Times
Watson Wins GM | EE Times
Watson Use Proliferating | EE Times
U.S. Protecting Us from AI | EE Times
4DS Memristors Target ReRAMs | EE Times
Oxygen Layer May Extend Moore's Law | EE Times
Nobel Prize: Why Superconductivity? | EE Times
Software Predicts Power Component Failure | EE Times
Biometrics May Replace Phone Passwords | EE Times
Universal Memristor Models All | EE Times
5G Powered by MEMS | EE Times
Transistor Trick Beats Moore | EE Times
Biometrics Upgrade to AirPod-like Earbuds | EE Times
SGI Supercomputes Ireland | EE Times
IoT 3 in 1 Tape Measure Get Crowdfunding Love | EE Times
Indoor Nav Leverages LTE | EE Times
Ford / MIT Collaborate on Future | EE Times
Advances Get a Grip on Single Photons & Molecules | EE Times
Watson for the Masses | EE Times
E-Retailers Automate Fulfillment | EE Times
EPA Crowdsources Pollution Sensing | EE Times
Intel to Acquire Deep Learning Nervana | EE Times
IBM Lab on Chip Detects Cancer | EE Times
2-D PV to Rival Graphene | EE Times
Next-Gen IoT Consortium Launches | EE Times
Oxides Make Ultra Conductor | EE Times
Spray-On Solar Material Holds Promise | EE Times
Cray, Deloitte Don White Hat in Security Service | EE Times
Stacking Boosts Polarimetry | EE Times
Quantum Superconducting Advance | EE Times
Intelligence Agency Sets 3D Challenge | EE Times
IBM, Samsung Put New Spin on MRAM | EE Times
Co-Robots Tend 3-D Printers | EE Times
Intel Xeon Phi Solos | EE Times
IBM to Donate Cognitive Analytics/Learning | EE Times
DAC: Coventor Adds Electrical Analytics | EE Times
Intel's Xeon Tackles Real Time | EE Times
Russian Make Diamond MEMS Resonators | EE Times
Intel Broadens Xeon Video Offerings | EE Times
Ultra-Dense 3-D Packaging for IoT | EE Times
NXP Aims to Target IoT | EE Times
NXP Focuses on Smart Cities, Security in Keynote | EE Times
IoT Security: Taming a Perfect Storm | EE Times
Magnetic Graphene Possible | EE Times
Diamond ICs May Finally Debut | EE Times
Analog Brain to Simulate Real Thing | EE Times
Graphene Patterned at Room Temp | EE Times
MIT: Changing Coal into Circuitry | EE Times
Harvest Electricity from Magnetism | EE Times
Cutting Antenna Design Time | EE Times
Russia, U.S. Get Closer to Universal Memory | EE Times
Quantum Dots Boost Solar Cells | EE Times
CMOS Circulator Chip Enables Single Antenna | EE Times
Can Einstein Be Wrong About Naked Singularities? | EE Times
Superconductor Nearing Room Temp | EE Times
IBM Neurocomputer Detailed | EE Times
Intel Plans A Future of CMOS | EE Times
Intel's Xeon E5 in the Clouds | EE Times
NeuroComputer to Shepherd Nukes | EE Times
Ultrasonic LCDs Sans ITO | EE Times
Top Robots for Farmers for 2016 | EE Times
Concept of Superconducting Memory To Be Tested | EE Times
Google Divesting Humanoid Robots | EE Times
Last MEMS Oscillator Maker Standing | EE Times
MEMS Grand Challenge Debuts | EE Times
Leti Solves Silicon Resonator Mystery | EE Times
Quantum Computers Crack Public-Key Encryption | EE Times
Decoding Electronic Materials Genome | EE Times
MRAM Breakthrough Looms | EE Times
E.U. Tackles III-V on CMOS | EE Times
Engineers Week Turns 65 | EE Times
Watson XPrize Worth $5 Million | EE Times
IBM CEO: Reinventing IBM's Profit Stream | EE Times
IBM Claims Tamper-Resistant Server | EE Times
DARPA to Remake Itself Leaner | EE Times
Transistors Minus Semiconductors | EE Times
Cavendish MEMS Displace SOI | EE Times
Taiwan Pursues White LED | EE Times
Robots Get A Gentler Grip | EE Times
Russians' Report Memristors | EE Times
Artificial Intelligence Pioneer Marvin Minsky Dead at 88 | EE Times
Cardboard Energy Harvester | EE Times
IoT Shoots for the Stars | EE Times
Memristor Computer Emulates Brain Functions | EE Times
Intel Thwarts Hackers | EE Times
Little Pharm Born | EE Times
Imec Melds Flash/III-V | EE Times
Micron 3-D NAND Back to Moore | EE Times
MediaTek 5G Combines Heterogenous Dark Silicon | EE Times
CES: ASIC Enables Location Services | EE Times
TSensors to Predict Natural Disasters | EE Times
Intel Funds Doctor in Your Pocket | EE Times
DARPA Funds Atoms-to-Products Breakthrough | EE Times
Skin Cancer Biopsied by Optical Scan | EE Times
Co-Robots: Taiwanese Style | EE Times
Roadmap to Trillion Sensors Forks | EE Times
One-Transistor SRAM Stuffs More Into CMOS | EE Times
IBM Forecaster Cuts Pollution, Energy Waste | EE Times
Tech & Climate: Stanford's Grand, Green Plan | EE Times
Tech Tackles Climate Change: Wind & Will Power | EE Times
2016: Year of the Nanotube Transistor? | EE Times
Technology Tackling Climate Change | EE Times
MEMS Market: Ups and Upstarts | EE Times
TrulySecure Embeds Biometrics | EE Times
Menta eFPGAs Win Over E.U. | EE Times
Intel Scales System Framework | EE Times
Chinese Spending All-Out on HPCs | EE Times
MEMS for Million-Dollar Horses | EE Times
Write-Once Memory Speeds Up, Powers Down Reads | EE Times
Micron Persistent Memory Pairs RAM/Flash | EE Times
Oculus Originator Gives Away MEMS Version | EE Times
Audio Digital Signal Processing Without the Experts | EE Times
Slideshow: BMW's Hybrid EVs | EE Times
IBM's Watson Tackles Sports | EE Times
Mentor Graphics Speeds Ethernet Verification | EE Times
Saxony Leads Germany's Semis | EE Times
IBM Flash Downtime 30-Seconds per Year | EE Times
Silicon on Insulator Penetrates Apple/Intel/IBM | EE Times
Organics To Extend Moore's Law | EE Times
5G for Command & Control | EE Times
Put FPGAs In Your SoCs | EE Times
IBM Nanotubes May Redefine Future of Moore's Law | EE Times
ASICs Memory Bandwidth Issue Fix Offered | EE Times
3D Memory Chips May Beat 3D Hybrid Memory Cube | EE Times
Watson-Type Machine Learning Affordable for Small Business | EE Times
MotionEngine Wear Debuts | EE Times
Solar Cells Made Obsolete | EE Times
VW's Woes Could be Solved by Tailpipe Add-on | EE Times
3-D Invisibility Guaranteed | EE Times
Will Semiconductors Last Forever? | EE Times
NIST Hits Quantum Teleport Key Out of the Park | EE Times
3D Printed Parts Help Regenerate Nerves | EE Times
Google Unveils Project Aura | EE Times
NASA Robots Proliferate | EE Times
Glasses Foil Facial Recognition | News | Communications of the ACM
Superconducting Graphene Beckons | EE Times
Philips' Home Medicine Connects to Medical Records | EE Times
Software Regulates Voltage in Everyday APUs | EE Times
Smart Prosthetics to Learn Mind Reading | EE Times
Post-Silicon Tech Compared | EE Times
Green Gaming is Possible | EE Times
IBM mbed with ARM | EE Times
LED Displays Get Wearable | EE Times
SiC/GaN Poised for Power | EE Times
LEDs Get As Cheap as Bulbs | EE Times
'Future Frontier' Sees Drones, Space | EE Times
Intel's Open-Source Fabric Supersizes Comm for Data | EE Times
Fabless RF Filters Cut Size, Share Same Die | EE Times
iPhone6 Powered by Hydrogen | EE Times
Quantum Highway Frictionless | EE Times
5G the Free WiFi Killer | EE Times
Plastic Solar Cells Double Output | EE Times
Metamaterials Single-Out One Voice | EE Times
Graphene Ribbons Grow on Germanium | EE Times
RRAM Breaks Records with Graphene | EE Times
IBM Watson Ready for Kick Off | EE Times
'Black Dart' Counters Drones | EE Times
3D Cursors Sculpt at Siggraph | EE Times
Solar Cell, Battery Combo May Simplify Power Generation | EE Times
Intel's Skylake Debuts at Gamecon | EE Times
Semiconductor-less Transistors the Goal | EE Times
Terahertz Optical Transistors Beat Silicon | EE Times
NASA Preps Venus ICs | EE Times
Hybrid Solar Cells Capture More | EE Times
Smarter Sensor Hub Cuts Power | EE Times
Quantum Computing: Diode-like Breakthrough Surmounts Roadblock | EE Times
Nanoparticle Imaging with Graphene | EE Times
007 Movie Inspires Concept Cars | EE Times
IBM Frees Open Source Apps | EE Times
3D Printed Electronics Are Here, Researchers Say | EE Times
IBM Slashes Next-Gen Power | EE Times
Top 10 Supercomputers in View | EE Times
Intel Showcases Its Supercomputing Future at ISC | EE Times
Supercomputing Centers-of-Excellence Twin | EE Times
IBM Leapfrogs Intel to 7nm | EE Times
Self/less Sheds Electronic Brain | EE Times
Startup Beats HP, Hynix to Memristor Learning | EE Times
Thin Film Solar Cells May Rival Silicon | EE Times
FinFETs + FD-SOI Proposition: May Save Power | EE Times
Biodegradable Electronics Debut | EE Times
Somnium Soups Up Kinetis Code | EE Times
Automotive King Redefines Future | EE Times
Woz Wows with Humanitarianism | EE Times
Freescale S32 Ups Automotive Ante | EE Times
'Smallest SoC for IoT' Adds Memory | EE Times
Freescale i.MX 7 Finally Here | EE Times
IBM Demos III-V FinFETs on Silicon | EE Times
Wearables Get Their Own MEMS | EE Times
Fairchild Out Smarts Dumb MEMS | EE Times
IBM Sparks Machine Learning | EE Times
TI Offers Wearable Evaluation Kit | EE Times
Tiny Spirals May Make Counterfeiting Impossible | EE Times
IBM Demos III-V on Silicon | EE Times
Free Service Compares Devices | EE Times
IBM Renting Its EDA Tools | EE Times
Nanoscale Sensor Breakthrough May Lower Costs | EE Times
City Smarts Marshalled in Germany | EE Times
Intel Unveils Cores and Xeons | EE Times
Industry's Most Sensitive MEMS Mic | EE Times
Can Formula E Overtake Formula One? | EE Times
Gaming Helps Tool Emulate True Power Peaks | EE Times
Smart Factories Meet AI | EE Times
Self-Driving Cars Without Passengers | EE Times
Festo's Smart Robotics Aimed at SMC | EE Times
IBM Demos CMOS Silicon Photonics | EE Times
Samsung Breaks Ground on $14 Billion Fab | EE Times
Intel's High-End Xeon E7v3 Debuts | EE Times
Living Computers Ultimate Goal | EE Times
Start-up's Co-Robots Handle Logistics | EE Times
IBM Solves Quantum Computing | EE Times
Ruggedized Tire Pressure Sensor Raises Bar | EE Times
Elvis Sees All in Russia | EE Times
TI Obsoletes FPGA | EE Times
Aluminum Battery Recharges in 1sec | EE Times
Moore's Law: Dead or Alive | EE Times
IBM vs. Intel in Supercomputer Bout | EE Times
3D Testing Standardized by SRC | EE Times
IBM Sets Memory Density Record | EE Times
Sensor Hub Lowers the Power | EE Times
Nanotube Circuits Learn Functions | EE Times
Vote Today! Best Nanotech | EE Times
Bell Labs Opens New Doors | EE Times
Mentor Graphics Drives ISPD Contest | EE Times
CoolCube 3D Goes Monolithic | EE Times
Analog EDA Finally Automated | EE Times
3D Qualcomm SoCs by 2016 | EE Times
Researchers Claim 44x Power Cuts | EE Times
Robotic Bacteria Senses Humidity | EE Times
Nanolaser Enables On-Chip Photonics | EE Times
SynBio Stubs for Standards | EE Times
Intel's Xeon Phi to House 72-Cores | EE Times
Optical Color Shifter Computes Cognitively | EE Times
Bi-directional RF Doubles Cellular Capacity | EE Times
Insects Harnessed for Surveillance | EE Times
Scientists Pursue Super-Fast Material | EE Times
Tri-Core Sensor Hub Ups Ante: Sensors Included | EE Times
Free Sirius One-Ups Siri | EE Times
Heart On-A-Chip Beats | EE Times
Intel's 1st Xeon SoC Twists ARM | EE Times
Bosch Debuts 1st MEMS Sensor Hub | EE Times
IBM's Watson Does Deep-Learning Too | EE Times
2D Material Beats Graphene | EE Times
3D Printing Everywhere from Lab to Factory | EE Times
Graphene Polymer Speeds Electron Transport | EE Times
Hi-Speed Transistors from Liquid Processing | EE Times
Flash for Even Commodity Servers | EE Times
3D E-Beam Enables 3D NAND Flash | EE Times
Quantum Transistor Harnesses New Effect | EE Times
Microsoft, Google Beat Humans at Image Recognition | EE Times
IBM Adds All Vendors to its Cloud-of-Clouds | EE Times
CMOS Image Sensors Surpassing Moore's Law | EE Times
Out Googling Google on Big Data Searches | EE Times
Thermoelectric Nanowires to Cool Chips | EE Times
Invisibility Cloaks Now Shield People from Sight | EE Times
2nd TransAsia To Crash in a Year | EE Times
GE's Open-Source Smart Refrigerator | EE Times
Supercapbatteries, Thermoelectrics to Power Future Cars | EE Times
Intel 5th Gen vPro Goes 60GHz Wireless | EE Times
Quantum Entanglement Now On-a-Chip | EE Times
Co-Robots Working Alongside People | EE Times
Intel, Microsoft, Autodesk Creating Life | EE Times
$2 Waves 3D Gesture Into Any Device | EE Times
Drones and Wearables App Store Launches | EE Times
Ford Self-Driving Cars On-the-Cheap | EE Times
Electronic Spine Cures Paralysis | EE Times
CES 2015: Ultra-High-Definition 4K TV over Copper | EE Times
CES 2015: MEMS that Wearables/IoT Need | EE Times
CES: IoT Modules Quicken Innovation | EE Times
Bosch Awash in MEMS Combo Sensors | EE Times
Sony Chooses PNI Hub for SmartWatch | EE Times
CES: 55 TV Thin as iPad Air | EE Times
CES: 2 Displays on Russian Yota Smartphone | EE Times
Electric/Hybrid Aircraft Takes Flight | EE Times
MEMS Spurred by Industrial IoT | EE Times
Researchers Superconduct at 140 Degrees | EE Times
Spray Solar Cells on Any Surface | EE Times
True 3-D Chips Harness Nanotubes | EE Times
MIT Discovers Superconductor Law | EE Times
Superconductor Unveils Room Temp Future | EE Times
DARPA Offers Free Watson-Like Artificial Intelligence | EE Times
MIT Spinoff Funded $143M to Create Sentient Computers | EE Times
TI's Digital Light Processor Shrinks to Glasses Size | EE Times
Biologists Grow Living Circuits | EE Times
Moore's Law Competitor Wins $150K Elevator Pitch Prize | EE Times
Stephen Hawking: How He Speaks & Spells | EE Times
Carbon Nanobuds Flex, Replace Indium Tin Oxide | EE Times
Flexible OLEDs Clear Last Hurdle | EE Times
ST's Small 6-Axis IMU a Big Move Into Automotive | EE Times
Superconductivity Predicted by Supercomputer | EE Times
3D Prints World's Best Inverter | EE Times
Lucio Lanza to Receive EDA Honor | EE Times
Nanotube Field Emitters Beat OLEDs | EE Times
First 2D Atomic Piezoelectric Discovered | EE Times
Intel, IBM Dueling 14nm FinFETS | EE Times
World's Wireless Record Breaks 40 Gbit/s | EE Times
China's 5-Year Plan Revealed | EE Times
River Sensors to Clean Up Waterways | EE Times
IBM's Watson Going Global | EE Times
Cheap Fusion Beats Fossil Fuels | EE Times
Why Do Big Companies Make Their Own Sensors? | EE Times
$200M Photonics Effort to Keep US Ahead | EE Times
Electronic Brain by 2023 | EE Times
IBM Water Cooling Enables a Super Solar Dish | EE Times
Fairchild Reinvents Itself | EE Times
Google Glass & Lookalikes Find Niches | EE Times
Moore's Law Has No End in Sight | EE Times
Intel Xeon Boosts Workstation & Servers | EE Times
Samsung Funds III-V FinFETs in US Lab | EE Times
Always-On Touch Gestures Save Time & Battery | EE Times
Indoor Navigation: The Next Big Thing | EE Times
Free Process Design Kit Hits 15nm | EE Times
The Limits of Moore's Law Limits | EE Times
MIT Wrist-Robot Adds Extra Fingers | EE Times
Cloud-Based Chip Design Research & Education | EE Times
Energy Harvesting Chip Demonstrated | EE Times
Movidius Vision Processing Unit Enters 2nd Generation | EE Times
Gadget Uses Brain Waves to Control Household Functions | EE Times
IBM Puts Brain On-a-Chip | EE Times
Intel Readies Super-Resist for EUV | EE Times
Flexible Displays Going Commercial | EE Times
Bell Labs Hits 10 Gbit/s Broadband Over Copper | EE Times
Invensense MEMS Merges With Movea Motion | EE Times
MIT Puts 36-Core Internet on a Chip | EE Times
Lowest Power MEMS Mic Cuts Noise | EE Times
IBM Pledges Nanotube Transistor by 2020 or Bust | EE Times
Top 10 Supercomputers Worldwide | EE Times
Monolythic MEMS Sensor Cut Size/Cost | EE Times
Intel Massive Parallel Upgrades Due | EE Times
MEMS Microphones Busting Out All Over | EE Times
Micron 3D Memory Supercharges Xeon Phi | EE Times
First Ultrasonic MEMS Controller to Make Mobile Hands Free | EE Times
Conductive Polymer Beats Indium Tin Oxide by 10x | EE Times
Movidius Redefines Computer Vision | EE Times
Intel & Georgia Tech Advance Spintronics | EE Times
MEMS Clock Cuts Wearable Power in Half | EE Times
SpaceX 3D Prints Rocket Thruster | EE Times
Supercaps Breakthrough: Phone Case to Replace Battery | EE Times
Cyborg-Like Bionics Harness Sunlight | EE Times
IBM Sets World Record With Mag Tape | EE Times
Novel, Inexpensive 3D Chips Funded by SRC | EE Times
Neurogrid's Electronic Brain Controls Robotics | EE Times
Aquifi's Gesture Interface Adapts | EE Times
China Takes Lead in Carbon Nanotubes & Graphene | EE Times
IBM's 3D Printer to Revolutionize Chip Prototyping | EE Times
Ultracapacitor Breakthrough May Recharge Energy Storage | EE Times
Cadence to Acquire Jasper | EE Times
Archer Supercomputer Is Fastest in UK | EE Times
ISPD-14 Focuses on FinFETs, Security, Supply Chain | EE Times
NIST Sets New Time Standard | EE Times
MEMS Mics Pass $1B Milestone | EE Times
GE Claims Fastest, Highest-Power MEMS Switch | EE Times
IBM Founds Watson Group | EE Times
Mobile Boosts Processor Market | EE Times
Stanene May Be Better Than Graphene | EE Times
Ink-Jet Printing for OLED Displays Debuts | EE Times
Intel to Customize High-End Processors | EE Times
IBM Broadens Access to Ask Watson Apps | EE Times
5 MEMS Chips Debut at MEMS Exec Congress | EE Times
Invisibility Cloak Comes to Life | EE Times
Robot Rings Nasdaq Closing Bell | EE Times
Samsung Tips $100 Million IoT Strategy | EE Times
Allwinner IPO to Fuel Mobile Road Map | EE Times
III-V FinFET Fabed on Silicon | EE Times
Join Live Chat on Toyota Unintended Acceleration Wed. Nov. 6, 1PM ET | EE Times
Graphene Laser to Probe Superconductivity | EE Times
Motion Processing for Android KitKat | EE Times
Sensor Hubs Arrive for Android | EE Times
SK Hynix Licenses BeSang's 3D IC | EE Times
Vicarious AI Passes Turing Test | EE Times
Wearable Display Goes 1 Step Beyond Google Glass | EE Times