Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"3D Printer Creates World's Best Inverter"

This 3-D printed inverter for electric cars that is lighter, smaller and more energy efficient than today's inverters was produced by Oak Ridge National Labs: R. Colin Johnson @NextGenLog

Oak Ridge National Laboratory's 3D-printed 30-kilowatt power inverter offers greater reliability and power in a compact package.


Monday, October 27, 2014

"Lucio Lanza Receives Long-Deserved Award at ICCAD"

Lucio Lanza has been the driving force behind EDA innovations for over two decades. He is the most deserving recipient of this award. If you w9ll be at ICCAD 2014 you should try to attend the ceremony and dinner where many will speak about Lanza's accomplishments (click "ECA website" at the end of the story.) R. Colin Johnson @NetGenLog

Lucio Lanza will receive the Phil Kaufman award for excellence in EDA at ICCAD 2014
(Image: Sandra Henneman)

Registration for the 2014 Phil Kaufman Award Dinner at the EDAC website.


Friday, October 24, 2014

"Nanotube Field Emitters Beat LEDs"

Using nanotubes a field emitters--like the electron-guns of cathode ray tubes of old--makes brighter flat panel displays that burn a fraction of the power required for LEDs: R. Colin Johnson @NextGenLog

Illuminated nanotube field emitter array stimulating phosphors of a planar light source device through a neutral density filter.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

"China's 5-Year Plan Revealed"

China is catching up to the developed countries of the world by leaps and bounds. Qualcomm tried to beat them and was beaten down itself by the Chinese government. Intel decided to join them, but risks loosing its intellect property (IP) to Chinese companies with impunity from their government. China's 5-Year Plan is working and the next one will be a whopper: R. Colin Johnson @NextGenLog

The 13th Five-Year Plan, starting in the Year of the Monkey (2016), will emphasize connectivity. The company aims to control more than 10% of the worldwide market by 2018.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"World's Wireless Record Breaks 40 Gbit/s"

LTE beat by 40X by a new protocol described this week at the Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Symposium in San Diego. Next their aim is wireless 100 Gbit WLAN: R. Colin Johnson @NextGenLog

A 140 GHz transmitter chip, containing an I-Q modulator, a 3-stage amplifier, and an x3 frequency multiplier for the local oscillator measures just 1.6 x 1 square millimeters.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Intel, IBM Dueling Over 14nm FinFETS"

Intel has been shipping FinFETS since 2011, but all the other semiconductor makers are still gearing up. IBM is closest and is dueling with Intel over which approach is best in the long run.: R. Colin Johnson @NextGenLog

Built on a fully depleted SOI technology base, IBM's 3D, FinFET architecture retains the advantages of SOI over bulk-based planar technologies, which IBM claims is a simpler manufacturing process, with isolation by structure, not doping, low-voltage operation, and lower power.