Thursday, May 06, 2004

"QUANTUM: entanglement demo of quantum gate, computer could be next"
The world's first proof of concept for quantum entanglement within a semiconductor was reported recently by Albert Chang, an adjunct professor at Purdue University who recently moved to Duke University. Chang next plans to build the world's first quantum gate in an electronically controlled semiconductor device, enabling the creation of a key building block in quantum computation. "We were able to obtain the first direct evidence for spin entanglement in a coupled double-quantum-dot system," said Chang. "This is why we are so excited about this new result." Chang was a 12-year veteran of AT&T Bell Laboratories' Microstructure Physics Research Department before joining Purdue University. While a professor at Purdue University in 2001, Chang demonstrated a serial quantum-dot system and predicted he would demonstrate quantum entanglement in two to five years � a promise he fulfilled with his recent demonstration. Next, Chang predicts he will demonstrate the world's first electronically controlled semiconductor quantum gate within two years. This prediction is based on his new parallel configuration of two gallium arsenide quantum-dot transistors with a common source and drain.
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