Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"WIRELESS: Google preps launch of 'Nexus One' phone"

Google will reportedly launch its Nexus One smartphone next week, just two days before the Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas, Jan. 7-14, 2009) preempting the Android announcements made there. If the reports are correct, Google will be cashing in big on its brand-name by charging premium prices. Look for Google to capture 10 percent of the smart phone market in 2010. R.C.J.

Google has not divulged details about the new phone, but has sent out invitations to an "Android Press Gathering." According to a T-Mobile internal memo leaked to the press by TmoNews, Nexus One will use T-Mobile as its service provider. The phone will go on sale next Tuesday (Jan. 5, 2010) on a Google Web site. The Nexus One prototype is currently being tested by Google employees, and is reported to use Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor running the Android operating system version 2.1. The phone will sell for $529 as an unlocked phone purchased directly from Google without a service contract, according to documents leaked by Gizmodo, which also reported that the Nexus One will also be offered for $179 when purchased with a two-year service contract from T-Mobile.
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