Monday, September 27, 2010

Mobile Internet Apps Moving E-commerce Off the Web

As people migrate to keyboardless touchscreen mobile devices as their main Internet portal, apps become more convenient to use--just a single click takes to directly to the information you want. Today most apps are without commercial interruption too (no ads)--like the early days of MTV--but of course as their popularity increases, the ads will likely return. For now, however, ad-free apps are quicklybecoming the preferred method of Internet surfing. Look for obscure references like URLs and domain-name-servers to receded into geeky lore as mobile users switch to the App Culture over the next five years. RColinJohnson @NextGenLog

The Apps Culture population will grow from about 300 million today to almost 1 billion by 2013.
Here is what EETimes says about apps: Welcome to the Apps Culture. Two years ago, it was a blip. Since then, developers have built a $2 billion market around it. The think tankers at the Pew Research Center have studied it; the trend watchers at The Nielsen Co. are tracking it. If you haven’t embraced it yet, you probably will, since ultimately every smartphone user on the planet is expected to buy into. Apps move e-commerce off the Web and onto a more secure mobile Internet platform. They cut through the clutter of domain-name servers and uuncalibrated information sources, taking the user straight to the content he or she already values. App downloads have been selling like gangbusters to millions of smartphone users who prefer the one-click convenience of secure paid services (think iTunes) over the Web’s arcane universal resource locators (URLs), where spammers, identity thieves, cons and malware lurk.

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