Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MEMS# Modeling Tool Adds Simulink Integration

Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) designers have to use general purpose computer aided design (CAD) tools, before Coventor came along to provide a specialized design suite just for MEMS. But when the MEMS designers had a design finished, the could not port the file directly over to the electronic design automation (EDA) tool to finish the part--that's where Coventor MEMS+ comes in. Look for MEMS- and EDA-chip design groups to exchange files when designing accelerometers, gyroscopes, pressure and other sensors and actuators for the next three years. RColinJohnson @NextGenLog

Coventor's MEMS+ 3D design suite for micro-electro-mechanical systems now integrates with Mathlab's Simulink for  behavioral modeling and verification of functional correctness.
Here is what EETimes says about Coventor MEMS+: MEMS-chip designers can now use Coventor Inc.'s 3-D modeling tool, then verify their designs using MathWorks Inc.'s Mathlab behavioral modeling tool, thanks to modifications made by Coventor (Cary, N.C.) in its latest version of its MEMS+. MEMS+ can now generate schematic symbols and simulation models for The Mathworks' Simulink, Coventor said. MEMS+ already allowed MEM designers to work closely with the CMOS-chip designers by virtue of its tight integration with Cadence Design Systems Inc.'s Virtuoso IC design environment. Now MEMS-chip designers can also use Mathlab's Simulink behavior modeling tools to verify that the design functions correctly.
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