Thursday, August 09, 2012

#CHIPS: "Cray Moving to Intel-based Supercomputers"

Intel is aggressively moving into massively parallel supercomputers with its Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture starting with the 50+ core Xeon Phi coprocessor. By wooing Cray to its microprocessors, Intel aims to expand its dominance in high-performance computing (HPCs) and establish a beachhead for its massively parallel MICs due out later this year: R. Colin Johnson

Here is what says about Cray and Intel: The most famous supercomputer maker of all time, Cray Inc. (Seattle, Wash.) has moved to Intel processors for the first time in its long history. Originally founded in 1972 by Seymour Cray who practically invented the supercomputer in the 1960s at Control Data Corporation (CDC), Cray Research was sold to SGI in 1996, and then resold to what became the current Cray Inc. in 2000. Since then Cray’s supercomputers have been best known for their high-end systems using AMD’s Opteron processors. Cray’s next-generation supercomputer code-named Cascade, however, will be its first high-end system based on Intel (although Cray has sold the CX1 and CX1000 work-group systems using Intel-based processors for several years)...
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