Tuesday, November 03, 2015

#NEWS "Five Startups to Pitch at MEMS Executive Congress"

Here's a rewritten press releaseyou might have missed at the MEMS Executive Congress:

Microfluidic Foundry LLC (San Pablo, California and Beijing, China), was founded in 2011, and is developing a MEMS chip that acts as Pitot tube to read pressure, flow rate for pipeline flow monitoring as well as for wind and moving speed measurement.

ResoCator Inc. (Jacksonville, Florida) founded in 2014 is developing a miniature atomic clock on a chip to help create a GPS tag that will report location and environmental conditions using atomic clock-based trilateration between existing terrestrial radio towers.

Aveni SA (Massy, France) is the new name of Alchimer SA, a startup founded in 2001, that provides metallization technologies. The technologies include Electrografting and Chemicalgrafting and are claimed to offer alternatives to existing deposition techniques for through silicon via (TSV) metallization for aspect ratios greater than 10:1 and at geometries below 14nm.

Aspinity Inc. (Morgantown, West Virginia) founded in June 2012 by Vinod Kulathumani is developing reconfigurable analog signal processing circuits as ICs and IP. By extracting application-relevant characteristics prior to digitizing the sensor data, Aspinity reduces the overall power and cost required in applications such as voice control, health monitoring, and industrial vibration monitoring.

Nxtsens Microsystems Inc. (Montreal, Canada) founded in 2015 is designing temperature-compensated oscillators and other timing circuits. Based on proprietary technology that allows for the fabrication of resonators in a high-vacuum environment, Nxtsens uses wafer-level packaging.