Monday, April 27, 2009

"MEMS: accelerometer sports smart algorithms"

Freescale Semiconductor Inc. has put its significant resources behind developing a first-class MEMS semiconductor operation, with expertise in nearly all the different types. Since 2005 is has been concentrating on robust algorithms for its MEMS accelerometers that perform common functions for user-interfaces of consumer electronics devices. With its latest three-axis accelerometer, Freescale has included algorithms that give its accelerometers a significant advantage over traditional "dumb" devices. Look for Freescale to remain a strong player in the MEMS space.
As the market for MEMS-based accelerometers shifts from automotive and industrial segments to consumer devices, Freescale claims it has become one of the top three MEMS suppliers. Freescale (Austin, Texas) said it is focusing on lower power, less expensive three-axis accelerometers that incorporate built-in algorithms capable of sensing taps, shakes and all six possible orientations. Consumer devices can now harness the built-in intelligence in an accelerometer that allow users to control its functions, including automatically switching from portrait to landscape orientations. Smart algorithms built into the latest accelerometers permit more advanced functions without having to press key combinations or shake a phone to activate different functions.