Friday, April 15, 2011

#MARKETS: "Billionaire Buddhist Reveals Key to Success"

By focusing corporate goals on employee happiness, celebrated Japanese entrepreneur claims do-the-right-thing leadership “by example” guarantees business success by inspiring creativity, accountability and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

Kazuo Inamori explains that the Kyocera philosophy makes employee happiness the primary job of corporate management, with profit-and-loss managed by independent interlocking business units.

Founder of both blue-chip electronics conglomerate Kyocera and Japan's No. 2 wireless carrier KDDI, as well as part-time Buddhist monk, Kazuo Inamori recently described the key to success which he is currently using to reconstitute troubled Japan Airlines (JAL).
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Part 2: 'Amoeba' Management Ensures Corporate Success

Proven formula for success organizes corporations into interlocking profit centers, assigning to management the task of inspiring employees to create innovative consumer-pleasing products.

Kazuo Inamori has received dozens of awards over the years, but just this month received the "International Citizens Award" from the Japan America Society (Los Angeles).

Billionaire Buddhist Kazuo Inamori incorporated his understanding of how to achieve "the good life" into a corporate management philosophy that resulted in two of the most successful companies in Japanese history—Kyocera and KDDI—and which he is now sharing with Japan Airlines, as CEO, and with entrepreneurs worldwide in his Seiwajyuku (business seminars).
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