Tuesday, November 13, 2012

#CHIPS: "Xeon Phi Wins Top 10 Supercomputer Slot"

Intel already dominated the Top500 Supercomputer List with over 76 percent of the winners using its Xeon processors, but its lead is lengthening now that its massively parallel Xeon Phi has made the Top10 spot in 2012: R. Colin Johnson @NextGenLog

Intel processors powered 76% of the Top500 Supercomputer Sites worldwide.

Here is what GoParallel says about the Top500 List: Intel’s massively parallel Xeon Phi coprocessor powered a Top 10 Supercomputer on the 20th anniversary of the Top500 Supercomputer List. At 2.6-petaFLOPS, Stampede ranked seventh out of 500 supercomputers, one of only 23 petaflop-caliber systems on this year’s list.

Located at the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas (Austin), Stampede is powered by a Dell PowerEdge C8220 chassis using Xeon E5 main and Xeon Phi coprocessors. Only 62 of the Top500 supercomputers used coprocessor technologies to perform acceleration this year, including eight using advanced prototypes of Intel’s forthcoming Xeon Phi.

The other Xeon Phi based winners in the Top 100 included...
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