Friday, November 02, 2012

#WINDOWS-8: "What You Need to Know BEFORE Upgrading"

If you have not upgraded to Windows 8 yet--and even if you have--you should read this post about the new security measures that solve existing problems, but still leave the door open malware creeping in from the new Metro-style user interface: R. Colin Johnson

Windows 8 security is hardened, but unfamiliarity with its new "Metro-style" interface could trick unsophisticated users into running programs that pretend to be patches to fix problems that don’t exist, but instead install malware. And since all applications submitted to Windows 8′s Windows Store must be digitally “signed” malware authors will be encouraging to try and steal digital certificates.

Here is what SlashDot says about Windows 8 security: Windows 8 features tightened cyber-security, suggests Aryeh Goretsky, distinguished researcher at anti-malware vendor ESET and a member of its Zeroday Emergency Response Team. In addition to enhanced versions of existing security measures, the next-generation operating system includes several new capabilities that thwart specific, hard-to-combat threats. Despite those new capabilities, bad actors could still inject malware by exploiting users unfamiliar with new features of Windows 8, so read on to find out what you can do to keep data safe...
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