Thursday, February 14, 2013

#BOOK: "'Death of the Internet' Portends

In 2012, the volume of malware traffic on the Internet passed 50 percent, and the maliciousness of cyberattacks began to approach world-war proportions. This book extrapolates this trend, exageratting it somewhat, but does accurately list the problems and the possible cures--if only the political courage to solve them can be mustered: R. Colin Johnson @NextGenLog

Here's what the publisher says about "The Death of the Internet": A major attack on the Internet could wreak havoc on society—bringing down telephony, banking, business, government, media, and the energy grid. This book addresses the growing threats to the Internet from different sources, offering in-depth guidance on how to combat them on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Edited by a specialist in holistic security with contributions from experts in industry and academia, The Death of the Internet presents a unique, cross-disciplinary approach to Internet security. It goes beyond computer science to explore its social and psychological components, discussing politically motivated attacks, human error, and criminal tendencies. Geared to non-technical readers and experts alike, the book clearly explains the general concepts of Internet security for managers and decision-makers and provides engineers and industry professionals with detailed instructions on how to develop effective designs with security in mind. The Death of the Internet:
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