Friday, September 25, 2009

"ALGORITHMS: Intel vows to make TV personal, social, optical"

Intel plans to supercharge your TV by enabling personalized programming, delivery to any device, extending into 3D and by incorporating "chat" and social networking capabilities. Look for mobile TV devices with Intel's Atom Inside by next year. R.C.J.

Intel has its eye on your TV, according to Intel chief technology officer Justin Rattner who discussed the possibilities at the Intel Developer Forum. His talk entitled "The Future of Television" described how technology might personalize television by adding social networking capabilities and extend viewing to 3-D. Rattner demonstrated a user-personalized TV and previewed Intel's new Light Peak optical interconnection technology, which promises 10 Gbits/second at introduction and will push toward terabit speeds. Rattner predicts that computers will automatically index all programming via vision recognition algorithms that identify not only the content of a program, but even the individual people participating in each scene and what they are doing. For instance, viewers of a sporting event will be able to select a player and ask the TV directly for the athlete's stats. Besides watching the programming, computers will also be watching you—indexing what you watch and when you watch, and integrating that information with other known aspects of your life. The television experience will adapt some of the social media capabilities of the Internet for TV