Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"WIRELESS: Charting the Final Frontier--Google Maps for Indoors"

Google maps have been extended to the insides of locations like conferences, shopping mall, college campus or even the local theme park. Micello aims to offer free maps for every indoor venue to help people locate the precise room, store or other in-venue location inside of buildings. Look for it in the iPhone app store this fall, with support for Blackberry, Android and Palm coming in 2010. R.C.J.

Google maps are great for navigating to an address, but once you arrive, it's up to you to find the office, meeting room or vendor inside. Now Micello takes over where conventional navigators leave off, mapping your route inside buildings, malls, convention centers and other points of interest. Available as a free service to users of the iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm or Android mobile handsets, Micello displays the Google maps to an address adorned with icons showing where indoor maps are available. Once the user arrives at an address, clicking on the Micello icon overlays the indoor map. Search for a particular venue inside, and Micello highlights a recommended route from your current location. Future versions will also provide directions from your car in the parking lot, as well as store-to-store directions once inside a mall.
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