Friday, February 26, 2010

"GADGETS: Eight New E-Paper Displays Vie for Your Eyeballs"

Today, every popular ebook uses the same Vizplex display from E-Ink. Apple's forthcoming iPad will use a conventional LCD, but eight other display alternatives will offer longer battery lifetimes and novel features that could win you over. Look for a wide variety of display types to differentiate e-paper applications in 2010-to-2012. R.C.J.

Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble's Nook, Sony's Reader, Hearst Newspaper's Skiff, Spring Design's Alex, iRex's Digital Reader and Hanvon's WISEreaders all use the same electrophoretic display technology branded Vizplex by its inventor, E-Ink (a wholly owned subsidiary of Primeview International, Hsinchu, Taiwan). Electrophoretic displays use tiny microcapsules containing the same black and white pigments as ink and paper, creating a display uncannily similar to real paper. The reason for E-Ink's virtual monopoly on e-reader displays is that its electrophoretic technology has no backlight, so your battery does not run down while you are reading a page like on Apple's iPad. Plus, electrophoretic displays use the same black and white pigments as real ink and paper, just contained inside tiny microcapsules, making its pages appear uncannily similar to real ink on paper. But in 2010-to-2010 eight other display vendors will be offering competing displays that offer different features that may just be your brand of "eye candy."

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