Sunday, February 06, 2011

#MATERIALS: "Nanolasers grown on silicon"

Computing with light will only be possible when we can integrate lasers alongside traditional electronic circuitry on silicon chips, which these researchers claim to now know how to do. Look for integrated silicon optics within four years. R. Colin Johnson @NextGenLog

The high crystal quality of III-V nanoneedles grown on silicon are enabling development of practical silicon-based optoelectronics .

Here is what my EETimes story says about integrated silicon optics: Scientists have long been interested in integrating lasers onto silicon to enable on-chip communications using light instead of electrons, which would lead to faster communication and increased bandwidth. But, unfortunately, there is a lattice mismatch between silicon and the traditional III-V materials used to craft semiconductor lasers. Now, researchers at the University of California at Berkeley claim to have surmounted that obstacle by growing indium-gallium-arsenide nano-pillars vertically. The researchers claim their technique is adaptable to mass production of robust on-chip structures for optical interconnects, field emitters, nonlinear optical signal generation, sensors, solar cells, displays and nano-fluidics...
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