Friday, June 01, 2012

#3D: "Glasses Free 3D Rivals HD-TV"

Dimenco will demonstrate what it claims is the world's highest resolution glasses-free 3D display next week at the Society for Information Display (SID 2012, June 5–7, Boston). Instead of a affixing a lenticular lens atop a traditional LCD, the Dimenco solution bonds a diffusion-free polymer into the display stack, claiming that resolution and contrast is unaffected: R. Colin Johnson

Here is what Dimenco says about its glasses-free 3D displays: Dimenco, the leading technology company in the field of glasses-free 3D displays, today unveiled Dimenco Clear View (DCV) technology taking glasses-free 3D displays to the next level. For the first time people can experience 3D with the deepest black-levels, no brightness loss, widest viewing angle and lowest cross-talk, offering the ultimate glasses-free 3D display.

Until now, 3D auto-stereoscopic (glasses-free) displays always had to compromise on brightness, contrast and viewing angle performance. The reason for this was the coupling of the lenticular lens to the LCD-panel that created a small loss of brightness and contrast, downgrades the black level and slightly reduces the cosmetic appearance of modern displays. Furthermore traditional lenticular displays have a limited viewing angle in which 3D is perceived, and it suffers from a limited 3D experience due to optical crosstalk.

Dimenco Clear View technology, solves these compromises via its unique lens design and manufacturing process. The optical stack has been optimized to limit internal reflections and is not affected by any form of diffusion resulting in the purest possible optical performance. By combining the DCV technology and Dimenco image processing the smoothest cone transitions are achieved resulting in the most convenient and immersive 3D experience in the market.

Besides introducing Dimenco Clear View Technology, Dimenco will demonstrate multiple new products and innovations at SID. Including the cooperation with Dolby3D, Dimenco Dynamic View technology and new 3D display products
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