Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#DISPLAYS: "Next app for TI's DLP is large touchscreens"

Touchscreens don't have to be based on flat panels anymore, now that TI has figured out how to turn rear-projected digital light processors into massive touchscreens. The coolest part, for me, is that DLP-based touchscreens can use any surface, not matter how curved and convoluted it is, enabling entire dashboards, or even whole walls, into massive touchscreens that work just the way you expect with taps, swipes, pinches and all: R. Colin Johnson

Here is what EETimes says about DLP touchscreens: Digital light processor technology developed by Texas Instruments 25 years ago has been used to bring big-screen cinema to the digital age is now being used in picoprojectors for smartphones, cameras and tablets, company officials said. By this time next year, they predict DLP technology will powering large touchscreens. DLPs are based on micron-sized mirrors that turn a pixel on or off by deflecting light either to the screen or off to one side at a rate of 10,000 times per second. The technique enable a wide array of projection applications like 3-D TV along with metrology, spectroscopy, medical diagnosis, industrial inspection and other applications. Now TI is targeting large touchscreens...
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