Thursday, June 28, 2012

#TABLETS: "Apple's iPad Eclipses the Rest"

First it was Samsung's Galaxy Tab, then Amazon's Kindle Fire, then Microsoft's Surface and next Google's Nexus 7, but none are even attempting to challenge the iPad, according to ABI Research. The lion's share of the tablet market still belongs to Apple, and it will stay that way for the foreseeable future since no one has the infrastructure to support diverse consumer applications, relegating competitors to niches: R. Colin Johnson

Here is what ABI Research says about tablets challenging iPad: Microsoft may face an uphill battle by throwing its hat into the mobile computing tablet ring. Windows is expected to account for only 1.3% of media tablet shipments in 2012.

The company is introducing a fragmented OS strategy with Windows RT and Windows 8 (something Google has been chastised for by developers of the Android OS)

It assumes that the popularity of Windows for PCs is a draw for Windows on tablets.

ABI Research expects Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows RT-based tablets to account for only 1.3% of 2012 global shipments; having little impact on the market this year. This is due to lack of adoption for Windows 7, but primarily due to the late-in-year launches of Windows RT and Windows 8 operating systems (estimated to become commercially available in select devices starting in October 2012).

The obvious “low hanging” market opportunity for Microsoft’s Surface tablets is with business buyers that have an installed base of Windows PCs. Is Microsoft suggesting that organizations will make the “post-PC era” move toward a mobile computing device and ditch traditional desktop and clamshell form-factors, or is the company hoping that employees will gain access to multiple devices? So far, businesses have been opposed to buying incremental computing assets for users due to the support costs.
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