Monday, October 19, 2009

"ALGORITHMS: Stealth App Googles Pirates, Phones Home Forensics"

Software vendors are fed up with piracy and are striking back by hiding stealth algorithms inside licensed applications. Awakening like a Trojan Horse after you use the program, the algorithm sends your information to the software vendor if you don't have a license, trying to get you to pay up! Look for stealth algorithms to be embedded into an increasing number of high-end applications. R.C.J.

CodeArmor Intelligence puts an informant inside every program sold—finding the location of pirated software and "phoning" that information home to software vendors. Software pirates can now be remotely scanned by a stealth security software suite that identifies them, finds their location on a Google map, then "phones home" to software vendors with forensic evidence about them. With billions of dollars a year lost to illegal copying of licensed software, V.i. Laboratories has made a business of helping independent software vendors recover lost revenue. Its stealthy security suite called CodeArmor Intelligence offers users of unlicensed software a deal on buying a valid license, and if they do not agree, reduces the program's functionality or revokes access entirely.