Friday, May 21, 2010

10 Major Flops #Microsoft, #Apple Want Us to Forget

Good engineering does not insure commercial success, as is recounted here in a slideshow of major failures at Apple and Microsoft that might have been near-and-dear to early adopters, but never made it to center stage. Look for history to repeat itself endlessly, but with eyes wide open. R.C.J.

Here is what eWeek's Don Reisinger says: Apple and Microsoft might be two of the most successful companies in the tech industry, but that doesn't mean that the two tech giants haven't had their fair share of missteps. Of course, we rarely remember those. Whenever it comes time to discuss Apple, our attention immediately shifts to the iPod or the iPhone. For old-timers, it might even shift to the Apple I or the first Macintosh. On Microsoft's side, it's easy to get lost in the tale of Windows, Internet Explorer or even Office. But what about those flops? Rather than sing the praises of Apple or Microsoft, why not talk about some of those products that the two companies would like us to forget? Some of the following choices might be obvious to tech historians, but we're willing to bet that a good number will surprise you...
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