Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#Ford Enlists Military Avatar to Stress Test Vehicles

Ford had adopted a former military avatar complete with mil-spec rendering accuracy in all aspects of its physical strength and endurance. Ford will use the "SantosHuman" its virtual-reality based factory-automation environment, adopting him into the family of Jack and Jill. Look for ergonometric software simulations at all the major car makers within seven years. R.C.J.

Here's what Ford says about Santos: Jack and Jill, the digital employees that have become a staple in Ford’s virtual manufacturing toolbox, are getting ready to meet their multifaceted new friend: Santos. Santos was created for the Department of Defense at the University of Iowa, and has been heralded by ergonomists as the next generation of digital modeling. His comprehensive capabilities allow him not only to simulate motion, but provide feedback on forces against the human body. Santos also can alter his movements based on changes in his virtual environment, allowing engineers to predict what will happen in the real world. Virtual modeling has been used to improve ergonomics at Ford since 2000, and now Santos’ advanced abilities can help take that to the next level.
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