Friday, May 21, 2010

#USB device seeks to improve #password #security

Password insecurity is the number one weakness exploited by hackers to break into secure computers, to steal your identity and to gain access to secure locations, but almost no one uses the difficult-to-type and -remember 15-digit secure passwords with a mix of upper, lower and numeric characters--until this $10 device made them easy. Look for everyone concerned about password security to make room for a Password Booster on their key chain within two years. R.C.J.

Here is what EETimes says: Arguably the biggest security gap on today's networks are passwords, prompting government agencies to mandate regularly changing 15-character passwords with random upper- and lower-case characters, numbers and the occasional punctuation mark. Besides being extremely difficult to remember, the approach also requires users to generate secure passwords--a task that pits casual users against the skills of highly trained hackers. Breaches like the recently publicized Google hack in China only served to illustrate the extent of network security problems. Now a security expert has received patent on a solution to the password dilemma, which he calls Password Booster. The USB device the size of a flash drive boosts a simple "seed" password--like your cat's name--into a "super password" with 15-characters that meets stringent government network security requirements...The patented technology will be licensed to a manufacturer through an auction this summer...
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