Monday, May 10, 2010

#3D TV #health issues could prompt refinements

Engineering refinements to 3-D TV technology could be required if even a small percentage of users suffer from health problems related to viewing 3-D TV this year, according to Jannick Rolland, a professor at the University of Central Florida's School of Optics. Look for a engineering refinements in 3D TVs over the next two years. R.C.J.

While most viewers of the 3-D TVs being rolled out there is year should suffer no adverse reactions to the technology, there have been very few short-term studies—and no long-term studies—on the technology, according to Rolland. Last month, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. issued a warning about possible health effects associated with 3-D TV, including altered vision, lightheadedness and even stroke or epileptic seizure. Researchers from the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Washington have published papers finding that visual disparities in 3-D TV images can cause physical strain in viewers. Rolland says it will be safe, but may need engineering refinements to accomodate people especially sensitive to nausea.
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