Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Compressed Sensing Ups Data Acquisition Resolution, Cuts Cost

Compressed sensing allows signals 10-times higher frequency than the analog-to-digital converter's (ADC's) sampling rate to be captured, according to Technion. Look for handheld ultrasound diagnostic devices to achieve the resolution of much larger office models within two years. RColinJohnson @NextGenLog

GE's handheld ultrasound machine will be getting a resolution upgrade from Technion.

Here is what EETimes says about compressed sensing: Compressed sensing has been a laboratory curiosity for several years, but now the technology has been cast in an inexpensive hardware prototype that could enable ultrasound, radar and other data-acquisition applications to increase resolution while reducing costs. In medical applications, the technique could also reduce the exposure time for patients undergoing MRI, X-ray and CT scans...

Professor Yonina Eldar, an electrical engineer at the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion, Haifa), is the brains behind compressed sensing.

Compressed sensing can let lower-speed hardware acquire data just as accurately as existing systems or can be used to make systems more accurate at the same sampling speed. Defense contractors are working with Technion to increase the resolution of existing radar systems; medical contractors are seeking to downsize their hardware at the same resolution...
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