Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RF-MEMS to Boost NTT's Cell Phone Signals

Radio-frequency micro-electro-mechanical systems (RF-MEMS) can dynamically tune a cell phone's filters to optimize signal reception instead of expecting the user to move to a better location. Look for improved reception and fewer dropped calls from better cell phones using #RF #MEMS filters over the next three years. RColinJohnson @NextGenLog

WiSpry's MEMS capacitor arrays allow for dynamic tuning of filter functions to improve reception and mitigate dropped calls.

Here is what EETimes says about RF-MEMS for cell phones: MEMS RF filters will be designed with NTT DoCoMo Inc. for its popular mobile phone network in Japan in a joint development agreement with WiSpry Inc. Both companies will pursue MEMS tunable filters to improve reception and mitigate dropped calls, thereby increasing performance and expanding capacity on NTT's mobile networks. WiSpry's MEMS capacitor arrays allow RF applications to dynamically tune their circuitry to adapt to changing circumstances while a handset user moves about, touches the antenna portion of the case and encounters obstacles or reflections down urban canyons. Today, most tunable RF functions are set at the factory with discrete components, whereas putting those functions into a capacitor array allows microcontrollers to optimize performance in real time...
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