Monday, August 09, 2010

#Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner Cuts Costs/Emissions

Solar powered air-conditioners should be a no-brainer, since its nearly always sunny when its hot enough to turn on the AC, but it took until now to create the world's first solar-powered air conditioner. Look for an increasing number of applicances to be powered by dedicated solar cells as their price plummets over the next five years. RColinJohnson @NextGenLog

LG's hybrid air conditioner saves nearly 15 percent in energy consumption by adding dedicated solar cells.

The Korean electronics giant LG has demonstrated the world's first "hybrid" solar-powered air conditioner that adds a photovoltaic module atop the unit to supplement its traditional power supply, thereby providing energy savings that LG claims significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The world's first solar-powered air conditioner is billed as eco-friendly because it has a silicon photovoltaic array mounted atop the residential unit. The standing-style air conditioner is also called a "hybrid" by LG because its power supply uses both standard house current and the solar array. The solar array is capable of generating enough energy for sustained operation of its air circulation and air filtration system, but when the compressor kicks in to cool the air down, it draws from the power line.
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