Monday, August 16, 2010

Sekai Camera Taps Smartphone Sensors For 3D Social Networking

Augmented reality usually means that somebody is paying Google to overlay information designed to get you to buy something, but the cool thing about Sekai Camera is that all the tactical information overlaid on the world is crowd-sourced. Look for a plethora of applications using crowd-sourced augmented reality over the next three years. RColinJohnson @NextGenLog

Sekai Camera app lets users leave geo-tagged tactical information hanging in mid-air around the objects they describe.

Here is what EETimes says about augmented reality: For a glimpse of the lighter side of our sensor-driven future, check out a new 3-D social networking application called Sekai Camera (sekai means “world” in Japanese)...When using Sekai Camera, you merely aim your cell phone’s camera around your location and watch your screen for information to pop up that other Sekai Camera users have left at the same locale. Using geotagging, Sekai Camera users can, for instance, stand outside a movie theater and leave a review of the movie they just saw. Other users can then read the review on the spot before they buy a ticket, just by pointing a phone at the theater...
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