Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#3D: "Optical metrology measures in 3D"

Output in 3-D from TVs, game consoles and mobile handsets will be joined by 3-D input in 2011. Look for 3D optical metrology to debut on-the-cheap in 2011. R. Colin Johnson, Kyoto Prize Fellow @NextGenLog

Here Seikowave is creating a 3D model of a complex object using structured Light Illumination. SLI uses TI's digital light processor (DLP) to project stripes of light onto 3D objects and scenes then measures the distortion to determine shape.

Here is what my EETimes story says about 3D metrology: Called 3-D optical metrology, the technique projects stripes of light onto objects, then makes measurements of the distortions in the reflected light to deduce size and shape, thereby allowing real-world scenes to be input automatically to a 3-D model. Generating accurate 3-D models traditionally requires either manual measurements or expensive, laser-based 3-D rangefinding systems. Now Texas Instruments and others are downsizing their microelectromechanical system-based picoprojectors to do the same job inexpensively using structured light illumination. SLI offers automated 3-D sensing by projecting matrices of light onto objects, the reflected distortions from which allow the objects' dimensions to be deduced automatically...
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