Wednesday, December 15, 2010

#WIRELESS: "Mobile 3-D to drive user acceptance"

Retailers have plenty of 3-D TVS in stock this holiday season, but the products' acceptance has been hampered by limited content and by the need for LCD-shutter glasses that dim displays as they switch the view between eyes. Look for 3D TV demand to strengthen after users gain experience with the 3D mobile devices to be delivered in 2011. R. Colin Johnson, Kyoto Prize Fellow @NextGenLog

Mobile devices like the Fuji 3D still camera have autostereoscopic displays built-in, a trend that will grow to over 60
million units by 2014, according to In-Stat.

Here is what my story in EETimes says about 3D TV: User uptake of 3D TVs has only been strong in the home theater market, for which DisplaySearch forecasts that 3.2 million 3-D TVs will be shipped in 2010. That same forecast, however, predicts that 3-D TVs will grow to over 90 million units in 2014—accounting for 41 percent of all flat-panel sets sold that year, up from just 2 percent today—as autostereoscopic displays that do not require the glasses enter the market. Toshiba, for one, is already selling glasses-free 3-D televisions in Japan. Many of the users who buy glasses-free 3-D TVs in 2014 will have already gained experience with autostereoscopic displays by using the ones built into their mobile devices...
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