Monday, January 17, 2011

#ENERGY: "Green IT Calculator Assesses ROI"

The Aberdeen Group has created an online Green IT Assessment Calculator that allows companies to assess the return on investment that they can expect from "going green," along with providing an actionable green IT road map to prioritize the steps you need to take to improve your company's green performance as well as its perceived "green persona." Look for more enterprises' IT departments to go-green in the coming years. R. Colin Johnson @NextGenLog

A graphical chart generated by the questionnaire compares your company's green footprint with other best-in-class (BIC) companies in collaboration (C), energy conservation (E) and virtualization (V), with the size and shading of bubbles representing organizational capabilities and overall score, respectively.

Here is what my Ziff-Davis Smarter Technology story says about IT going green: The Aberdeen Green IT Assessment Calculator is a complimentary Web-based survey and ROI tool based on the Green IT and Sustainability practice at the Aberdeen Group (a Boston-based Harte-Hanks Company). Equally applicable to small, medium and large companies, the Green IT Assessment Calculator asks a series of questions that positions your company among your best-in-class (BIC) rivals regarding environmental strategies, capabilities and technologies in three key areas: energy efficiency, collaboration and virtualization.
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