Tuesday, September 18, 2012

#ALGORITHMS: "Intel Empowers Parallel Web Apps"

Client-side parallel processing on the multi-core processor in your desktop, laptop, tablet computer and even Intel-powered smartphone will become possible for the first time in 2013. Today your multi-core processor does not accelerate the web, but Intel-sponsored parallel processing toolkits for Javascript and HTML5 will for the first time allow web programmers to multi-process on iOS, Android and Windows web apps: R. Colin Johnson

Here is what Go-Parallel says about parallel web apps: Parallel applications will extend their reach to the world wide web in 2013...The key element will be HTML5–the latest version of the hypertext markup language–plus parallel extensions to the Javascript language...With integrated parallel toolkits for the web, Intel’s multi-core processors will be able to deliver the same robust user experience on multiple platforms...To fulfill the dream, Intel announced parallel tools for its Intel Developer Zone where software developers will also have access to programming communities and other resources. James also described a companion HTML5 Developer Zone which will focus exclusively on cross-platform applications for Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows and the open-source Tizen operating system..
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