Friday, September 07, 2012

#ALGORITHMS: "Intel’s Parallel Programming Tools for 2013"

Parallel programming is not easy, but these new tools from Intel actually analyze your algorithms and suggest techniques that you may not have thought of, plus they predict the speed-up you’ll gain before you code them. There is still no tool to automatically parallelize code, but Parallel Studio XE and Cluster Studio XE claim to make the job a whole lot easier: R. Colin Johnson

Intel Advisor XE’s suitability analysis gives performance estimates so you only implement approaches that have the highest return on investment (ROI). Here a poorly performing program gets no boost from reducing site-, task-, lock- or contention-overhead, but does get a 6x boost from using 8-cores (bulls-eye at left) including a 5.8x gain from enabling task chunking (center).

Intel has just released its latest parallel programming tools–Parallel Studio XE for shared memory applications and Cluster Studio XE for message passing interface (MPI) and hybrid architectures. The bundles include support for all 3rd Generation Intel Core processors, the 50+ core Xeon Phi coprocessor due out this fall, and Haswell processors due out in 2013...
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