Tuesday, June 01, 2010

#Freescale Cuts #Intel #Atom Power by 50X

Two years ago Intel decided to cut the standby power for it Atom processor which powers netbooks, so that it could be used by smartphones without running their battery down, and enlisted Freescale to design the power management chip. Look for Atom-based smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices to be introduced oby Christmas. R.C.J.

Freescale Semiconductor Inc. released details of how its power management IC enabled the power of Intel Corp.'s Atom Z6xx chipset to be drastically cut, thereby extending the battery lifetime of smartphones and other mobile devices using Atom. Freescale's power management solution for Atom was cast in its 130-nanometer mixed signal SmartMOS process, and in addition to power management functions also provides intelligent battery charging, audio codecs, 24-bit DACs, 10-bit ADCs, headphone and speaker power amplifiers, LED backlight drivers, DC:DC converters, USB On-The-Go, GPIOs, differential touch-screen and other interface functions necessary for any mobile handset, netbook, eReader, iPad-like tablet or other Atom-based portable consumer devices, according to Freescale (Austin, Texas)...
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