Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How To Turn Down The Volume On #WorldCup #Vuvuzelas by #ConsumerReports

Want more coverage of the World Cup in South Africa instead of those #^%$& vuvuzelas? Tough luck on that one, but Consumer Reports does have a free solution for minimizing their sound. Look for more innovative methods of turing down the volume on vuvuzelas until they are banned. R.C.J.

Here's what Consumer Reports says about turning down the volume on vuvuzelas: Despite calls to ban the vuvuzela, the long plastic trumpet blown by thousands of strong-lunged fans at the World Cup games, the racket they make probably isn't going to diminish on TV broadcasts anytime soon. That’s despite complaints about the horns' incessant buzzing from some high-profile players (who can't communicate over the drone), concerns from health experts (who say the loud blaring may affect hearing loss), and claims by World Cup broadcasters that they've stepped up audio filtering to screen out the vuvuzela racket.

Fortunately, TV viewers who can't stand the noise have a few options, as we cover in this video...
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