Wednesday, June 16, 2010

#Touchscreens up to 52-inches Debut from NextWindow

Is you iPad too small? How about 52-inches--is that big enough for you? Look for giant touchscreen displays in kiosks and other commercial settings by the end of the year. R.C.J.

Here's what NextWindow says about its optical touchscreen technology: NextWindow offers an optical sensor technology that can be turn any flat panel display into a touchscreen by mrely adding optical sensors at two corners of the screen, allowing algorithms to calculate the precise location of your finger from two angles, resulting in accurate tracking with no contact pressure required... The 2500 optical touch screen kit features thin borders and a low profile, making it attractive for commercial applications and is available in sizes ranging from 30" to 52". The optical sensors use a passive illumination system, improving reliability and simplifying assembly for interactive digital signage, directory displays, kiosks and education settings...The 2500 Large-Format Optical Sensor kit includes all of the components necessary to quickly and easily assemble a touch screen, including optical sensors, controller board, passive border and device driver. Standard kits for the 2500 do not include glass, which significantly reduces the cost and risk of transporting the touch screen components to customers. The 2500 can also be purchased fully assembled on glass, should integrators, OEMs and ODMs require. Kits come in standard display sizes...the product supports Microsoft Windows 7 multitouch functions such as zoom, rotate, tap and press-and-tap...
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