Monday, June 28, 2010

Panel: #Smart #Consumer #Gadgets Market Set to Explode

Consumer electronics is on the brink of a "smart devices revolution" according to the consumer electronics panel members at last week's Freescale Technology Forum (FTF). Look for touchscreen tablets, smartbooks and unique new wearable form factors to hail a new content-consuming category by Christmas. R.C.J.

Concept designs from Freescale (bottom) and Nokia (top, green) portend a coming flood of smart tablets and oddball shaped consumer devices conceived "outside the rectangle."

Consumer Electronics panel members at FTF claim all the elements necessary for such a revolution in consumer electronics devices have been maturing over the past decade and will begin to blossom by the 2010 holiday season now that the global recession is receding. New media tablets and smartbooks will soon be flooding the market, according to panel moderator Jeff Orr, senior mobile devices analyst at ABI Research. Orr predicts that more than 163 million media tablets and smartbooks will be shipped in 2015. Panel members backed up Orr's predictions, adding the these new consumer devices will not be running Microsoft operating systems on Intel processors like today's computers, but instead will use smaller, cheaper, lower power ARM-based microcontrollers running open-source variants of Linux...
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