Tuesday, June 08, 2010

#IBM establishes research lab in Brazil

IBM Research Labs have continued the tradition of legendary think-tanks like the now-defunct Bell Labs, pioneering cutting edge technologies is all market sectors involving "business machines." Look for its newest lab, IBM Research-Brazil, to begin originating smarter energy, transportation and semiconductor breakthroughs in time for the World Cup soccer championship to be held there in 2014. R.C.J.

IBM Research Monday (June 7) said it would establish its first research laboratory in South America, IBM Research-Brazil. It will be the company's first new permanent lab in 12 years, joining the company's superfast optical network backbone connecting 3,000 research scientists in the U.S, Switzerland, Isreal, China, Japan and India. IBM Research-Brazil will be dedicated to pursuing smarter planet initiatives in energy, transportation and semiconductor devices. Its first project, already underway, involves harnessing IBM's fast supercomputers and vast infrastructure of 20,000 networked employees in Brazil, to help in the discovery, exploration and logistics of extracting its crude oil from under layers of mineral and salt deposits. Smarter technologies for improving human systems, especially in developing urban environments like Brazil's, will focus on developing smarter transportation, smarter healthcare and smarter agribusiness, taking advantage of IBM's supercomputing capabilities to manage the information technology...IBM Research-Brazil hopes to demonstrate at the Soccer World Cup in 2014, and then continue the tradition two years later when the Olympic Games are held in Brazil in 2016.
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