Thursday, May 03, 2012

#CLOUD: "Cloud Monitors Eliminate Need for PCs"

If you use an Ethernet cable to access the Internet then you no longer need a PC, according to LG which is hawking its Cloud Monitors as a substitute for PCs at the enterprise. Using VMware's server-side client-management solutions, LG's Zero Client monitors offer everything a PC did minus the PC. The in-plane switching (IPS) monitors use universal power over Ethernet (UPoE) so they don't even need to be plugged into line power: R. Colin Johnson

Here is what LG says about its Cloud Monitors: LG Electronics (LG) unveiled its advanced P Series of cloud monitors, allowing companies to do away with desktops and laptops altogether. The new VMware-based Zero Client monitors can be networked to create a virtual computing system and come packaged with Cisco’s Universal Power over Ethernet (UPoE) technology, enabling centralized resources, greater system security and reduced costs.

The P Series is a server-based model and offers a range of unique benefits. First and foremost, because the software is managed from a centralized network, there’s greater security from hacking, viruses and spyware by allowing the data flow to be more easily monitored and blocked if necessary.

LG’s Zero Client Cloud Computing technology also consolidates servers and thus re-quires less hardware. In fact, each station requires only a LAN cable, a keyboard and a mouse. There is no CPU, no memory and no storage. Employees don’t need to install operating systems or software, saving both time and money. Booting speeds are faster than traditional desktops, and the entire system is in line with eco-friendly green com-puting standards.

The P Series uses the VMware platform, which oversees server integration. VMware is an automated virtual infrastructure that helps companies further reduce costs by manag-ing the network and ensuring system efficiency. Because the platform is automated, the delivery of IT services to each work station is faster and compliance to system specifi-cations is guaranteed. The software also schedules secure back-ups and interruption-free system updates.

Cisco’s UPoE technology is particularly appealing for its minimal energy requirements. It delivers power over LAN cabling to networked devices and with the EnergyWise program, UPoE can track power consumption and make adjustments in real-time for greater efficiency. UPoE technology also eliminates cables and connectors, letting em-ployees make better use of their office space.

By using IPS rather than TN (twisted nematic) panels, the 23-inch monitor boasts life-like color reproduction and picture quality regardless of viewing angle. The N2311AZ also reduces eye fatigue, making it the ideal monitor for visual-based occupations like graphic design.
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