Friday, May 25, 2012

#MEMS: "Smart Tennis Rackets Leverage Embedded Sensors"

Tennis appears to the next sport to be enhanced with micro-elecro-mechanical systems (MEMS). These next-generation smart tennis rackets use embedded MEMS sensors and a built-in display to analyze play, improve performance and share experiences with other tennis players: R. Colin Johnson

Here is what Movea says about its selection as the MEMS technology for Babolat's smart tennis racket: Movea (, the leader in motion processing and data fusion technologies, has been selected as technology partner by Babolat, the leading tennis equipment manufacturer, in a groundbreaking effort to develop the racquet of the future.

The “Babolat Play & Connect” racquet will be the first-ever MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology enabled racquet with the built-in ability to gather and analyse game data and provide information that could only be manually estimated until now. The “Babolat Play & Connect” racquet will leverage Movea’s integrated SmartMotion® data fusion technology to measure specific elements of a player’s technique, enabling new opportunities for performance analysis, improvement and social results sharing.

Babolat unveiled and demonstrated the first “Babolat Play & Connect” racquet prototype today at the Roland-Garros French Open in Paris and is expected to launch the exciting new product in 2013.
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