Wednesday, May 02, 2012

#MARKETING: "CEA Gives Away Free Booth at CES 2013"

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has become the premiere conference for all things electronics, what with the demise of Comdex and other industry oriented shows. And startups will be featured at CES 2013 in the Eureka Park for which the CEA is running a contest to give away free booth space next month. Don't miss out--entries are free, and even if you don't win your entry is likely to garner publicity at next month's CEA Line Shows conference in NYC: R. Colin Johnson

Here is what EETimes says about the Eureka Park Challenge: Innovation is driving U.S. competitiveness, especially in the consumer electronics segment, according to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which next month will sponsor the Eureka Park Challenge contest for a free exhibit space at next year's Consumer Electronics Show, according Brian Markwalter, senior vice president of research and standards for the CEA.

The CES sponsoring organization, the CEA, has for 75 years been producing consumer standards referenced by the EPA, FCC and other government agencies which are adhered to by millions of electronic devices. Markwalter oversees the CEA's American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited standards development operation, which spends about $1 million annually doing extensive market research to track sales data and to forecast trends related to digital television, broadband access, spectrum management, intellectual property (IP), smart grid and energy efficiency.

Markwalter was previously director of Intellon Corp. (acquired by Atheros in 2009), the semiconductor specialist in power-line communications where he helped launch the HomePlug Powerline Alliance for networking over residential power lines. Markwalter is currently also a board member of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's  Smart Grid Interoperability Governing Panel.

According to Markwalter, innovation is the engine driving the rise of small businesses which are creating new jobs in the U.S. at an unprecedented rate. The CEA is doing its part to incubate startups by encouraging innovation.

The consumer electronics industry today is breaking the $200 billion mark in U.S., according to the CEA, which next month will sponsor the Eureka Park Challenge which will give away free exhibit space at CES 2013 to the winner..

To enter the Eureka Park Challenge contest, startups need to submit a never-been-seen-before product, service or app to WizeHive’s online contest manager. Ten finalists will be selected to compete for a free booth at the CES 2013. The winner will be announced at the CEA Line Shows (New York City, June 27-28, 2012).
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