Monday, April 23, 2012

#MARKETS: "Global Press Electronics Summit Celebrates 10th Anniversary"

The annual Global Press Electronics Summit 2012 this year hosts 22 electronics companies presenting their latest innovations to 57 media editors from 17 countries on its 10th anniversary. R. Colin Johnson

Featured speakers this year include: Tensilica's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Chris Rowen, pioneer in the development of reduced instruction set computing (RISC) at Stanford University and MIPS Computer Systems, Warren Savage who pioneered intellectual property (IP) development at Fairchild Semiconductor, Tandem Computers, and Synopsys and is now chief executive officer (CEO) of IP Extreme, WiSpry founder Jeff Hilbert whose company is currently pioneering adaptive antenna's for cell phones using MEMS capacitor arrays manufactured by its foundry partner IBM, Rajesh Vashist the latest CEO of SiTime after MEMS pioneer Kurt Peterson left the company, Satish Padmanabhan CTO and founder of Algotochip whose EDA tool directly implements digital chips from C-algorithms in as little as eight weeks, John Kispert CEO at memory chip giant at Spansion, and Ravi Subramanian, CEO of Berkeley Design Automation who is well known for developing first-generation DSP-based platforms for digital mobile phones.
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