Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3D- and Internet Enabled TVs to Become Standard Equipment

3D-TVs will sell fewer than 5 million units in 2010, according to market forecasters, but Internet enabled (IE) TVs were more popular--a trend predicted to continue. Look for 3D- and IE-TVs to merge and become standard equipment on all high-end TVs within five years. RColinJohnson @NextGenLog

iSuppli’s forecasts of global 3D and Internet-enabled (IE) TV shipments.

Here is what ABI says about 3D-TV: A new generation of TVs has reached retail, with 3D models now available from all leading TV manufacturers. DisplaySearch forecasts 3.4 million 3D TVs to be shipped in 2010, with the market expected to reach 42.9 million in 2014. Based on this forecast, 3D TV market penetration is expected to grow from a 5% share of total flat panel TVs in 2010 to 37% in 2014...
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Here is what iSuppi says about 3D- versus IE-TV: While the consumer electronics headlines this year have been dominated by 3-D television news, the real story in 2010 is about Internet-Enabled TVs (IETVs), according to iSuppli Corp. Global shipments of IETVs—i.e., TV sets with built-in Internet capability—will amount to 27.7 million units in 2010. In contrast, 3-D set shipments will total only 4.2 million this year. While 3-D television shipments are set to soar in the coming years, iSuppli’s forecast shows the biggest near-term growth story is in IETV.
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