Tuesday, July 13, 2010

#Cyber #Security How-To in the #Botnet Era

Cyber-security issues are evolving as fast as botnets, making it a challenge to keep up with effective defense techniques. Look for increasing sophistication in cyber attacks and in response an escalation in defense techniques for the foreseeable future. R.C.J.

Here's what TRI says about its own cyber security report: Leadership in the cyber security solutions business is a very fickle thing. For instance, the most dangerous cyber threat today is the botnet-based attack that spawns Denial of Service (DoS), data theft, and malicious spam. But where were botnets three years ago? They were relatively unknown -- which means a lot of recently purchased security solutions are out of date and new categories of security products have emerged to fill the gaps. So warns a new analyst study by Technology Research Institute (TRI) entitled, Advanced Network Security Solutions for the Large Enterprise. The study is based on deep conversations with 16 leading cyber security solution firms who are profiled in the report. TRI claims market confusion abounds today over what constitutes a truly "advanced" cyber security system especially for organizations with large scale, always-on networks. But that confusion is not necessarily a bad thing in a fast moving field like cyber defense, says TRI. In fact, it's only natural: since the cyber criminal is ever-elusive and adaptive, cyber defense systems must also constantly adapt and absorb new functions...Here are some highlights from TRI's report:Cyber Attacks Gain in Sophistication...Network Operator Proficiency is key...Network Simulation Software now Critical...Security from the Inside Out Through NBA...SIEM Super Fast Correlation and Reduction of Events...DPI Cleaning of Traffic during a Denial of Service Attack...Combining Security Capabilities...
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