Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Free #iPad #App Generator Targets Printed Page

#Apple #iPad will replace paper in the office, according to Microstrategy whose free app generator lets you produce reports and presentations from corporate databases. Look for at least a dozen enterprises to open their own online stores by year's end stocked with private-label apps created to draw on their own internal data. R.C.J.

An iPad application generator may make the report print-out a thing of the past...MicroStrategy's Mobile app generator is billed as allowing companies to create their own apps that can be customized to display internal data that can then be distributed to employees via a private-label app store. A point-and-click interface allows apps to de created on a PC or Mac, then loaded into an iPad or iPhone for display. Built-in presentation tools, reporting capabilities and multi-window dashboard-style displays that are then converted to iPad or iPhone apps--even if they contain embedded Adobe Flash...MicroStrategy's Mobile app is available for free download from the Apple App story, including three sample data sets, one for restaurants, casino management and retail performance management. A Webcast demonstrates apps developed using MicroStrategy's Mobile.
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