Wednesday, July 14, 2010

#Dow #Deflexion Fabric Beats Padding in Sports Apparel

Dow Corning claims to have created a fabric that can absorb the force of an impact without the traditional bulk of padding. Look for Deflexion-reinforced sports apparel, luggage and security applications for years to come. R.C.J.

Here is what Dow Corning says about its new fabric: Dow Corning Corporation, a leading innovator in silicone solutions for the textile industry, has introduced its patent pending DEFLEXION™ impact-protection technology based on silicones. The DEFLEXION™ technology platforms are engineered for protective equipment and apparel in a flexible, breathable form...DEFLEXION™ technology is a performance textile and impact-absorbing material in one that is designed to protect without the added bulk and stiffness of traditional padding. DEFLEXION™ technology offers textiles that are flexible, breathable, washable and durable; and can be cut and sewn directly into clothing, eliminating the need to insert uncomfortable padding...Innovative DEFLEXION™ technology is suitable for a multitude of applications in products such as: sports apparel, equipment and footwear, medical devices, personal protective equipment and luggage...Dow Corning has been a leader in silicone material science for over 60 years and is always exploring innovative application opportunities. Find out more about Dow Corning’s selection of products, services and technology solutions at™ from Dow Corning ( offers a range of impact-protection technologies that allow for the easy creation of high-performance protective apparel and equipment. DEFLEXION™ technologies focus on providing exceptional comfort, enhanced fit, superior freedom of movement and due to the unique stability of silicones, performance over a broad range of temperatures. Unlike traditional soft armor protection, DEFLEXION™ products are able to achieve high levels of protection, while remaining comfortable and stylish

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