Tuesday, July 06, 2010

#LG previews line of #iPad / #iPhone rivals

#Apple computers iPhone led the way into current day #smartphone nirvana, and its iPad is likewise motivating consumer electronics makers to play catch-up ball--witness LG's new Optimus brand. Look for HP, Samsung, Sony, Dell and virtually every other consumer electronics powerhouse to dive into the uncharted territory between the smartphone and the touchscreen tablet by year's end. R.C.J.

The first major consumer electronics maker to follow Apple's iPad into the coming blitz of smart touchscreen tablets will be LG Electronics, which announced its Optimus Series on Monday (July 5, 2010). Kicking off the new Optimus brand will be LG's Android Tablet PC, along with its intended iPhone killers, the Optimus-One and -Chic models. Later this year rival Korean consumer electronics maker, Samsung, is rumored to also begin delivering its intended iPad killer, code named the "Galaxy Tablet." By year's end, iPad work-a-likes will debut from every major consumer electronics maker, each sporting the touchscreen user interface running variants of mobile LInux. LG gave only a few scant details about its Optimus series, except to say that a range of 10 models--from budget to premium--would debut this year. Each will include various combination of features not offered by Apple's iPad and iPhone, and will run different operating systems (OSs), including variations of mobile Linux, such as Android, as well as either Windows new Phone 7 OS or its older Windows Mobile 6 OS...

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