Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Make Your Own Smarter BI Apps--for Free!

Business intelligence (BI) just got easier to digest by virtue of a free app generator from Microstrategy that permits any enterprise to tap its own database with customer tailored apps. Look for enterprises to start opening their own internal app stores throughout the coming year. R.C.J.

Point-and-click creation of touch-sensitive business intelligence (BI) apps is the aim of MicroStrategy Mobile. The new iPad/iPhone-based BI app generator reads out corporate databases into touch-screen-energized dashboards, where tapping, swiping, dragging, pinching and flicking are used to find and visualize information. At a gala unveiling during the annual MicroStrategy World user meeting (July 5-8, 2010, in Cannes, France), MicroStrategy started hawking its new iPad and iPhone capabilities for MicroStrategy Mobile. Its old customers on the BlackBerry, Web and Windows can now redeploy existing reporting capabilities into iPad and iPhone dashboards. But the best part is that the BI apps can be stocked in the enterprise's own app store—a "company app store" that Apple only recently starting permitting.
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