Thursday, July 15, 2010

Graphene Batteries Recharge in 10 minutes!

Recharging your cell phone in 10 minutes instead of two-to-five hours is the promise of a new graphene-based battery technology being brought to market soon. Look for lithium-air batteries with vastly larger capacities and yet which recharge in under 10 minutes within three years. R.C.J.

Graphene electrodes enable batteries to recharge in minutes rather than hours--here a PNNL researcher prepares and tests lithium ion batteries and lithium/air batteries for electric vehicles and other mobile applications.

Here's what EETimes says about graphene batteries: Graphene electrodes used in lithium-ion batteries could reduce recharge times from two hours to about 10 minutes, according to government and Princeton University researchers. The new graphene-based electrode fabrication process, also developed by researchers at the Energy Department's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), has been licensed to Vorbeck Materials Corp. (Jessup, Md.) for commercialization. The graphene process was developed at PNNL in cooperation with Princeton researcher Ilhan Aksay under a cooperative research and development agreement with Vorbeck. PNNL said it has demonstrated that ultra-thin sheets of grahene can be fabricated on lithium-ion battery electrodes to yeild vastly shorter recharge times...

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